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Landscape Lake

Landscape Lake


A beutiful lake landscape scenebuild for Source Filmmaker. 

High Quality

Scenebuilds are made with photorealistic, high quality 4k textures and assets built with beveled edges to properly capture light.


Animation Ready

Scenebuilds are made to be Animation Ready, viewable from all camera angles from the subject area, built to scale, have animated textures and come with physics, such as moving grass, tree sway and real-time reflective water.


Global Illumination

Scenebuilds are lit with Global illumination and Global Fog tech, which brings it’s own accurate ambient occlusion, real-time reflections, color accurate lighting and fog that covers the entire maximum map area (32000 x 32000 units).



Scenebuilds are highly optimized, sitting between 1500 - 2000 memory usage, and have been built to render as fast as possible. Check the stats tab for specifics on each scenebuild.



Scenebuilds are neatly organized to easily isolate its elements and components, for deep customization to fit your needs.